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About Us

Marli, Kayti and Ashley - Dedicated Midwives 

3 Midwives

Dedicated to Your

Personal, Tailored Care. 


Marli (she/her) specializes in Body Balancing which helps your pregnant body feel better and your baby to position well.

Kayti (she/ her) specializes in intuitive, almost-coaching style care, paying attention to what it is YOU need to make body mind spirit optimum for birth and beyond. 

Ashley (she/ her) specializes in honesty and humor.  With 4 kids of her own, Ashley's personal experiences help her keep it real, keep it funny, and keep you feeling comfortable. 

Nurturing Care

A Bit About Us

With every woman, father, baby, grandparent or teen we serve, we feel empowerment and connection with what extraordinary care creates for people.   The experience of birth is intense and overwhelming, but also very very awesome, and we are ever-grateful to be there through the power of midwifery care to nurture and keep folks balanced throughout the process. We, Kayti Marli and Ashley, feel each time that it is my calling to become who we were meant to be.


We are a practice of 2 Licensed Midwives, Phyllis "Kayti" Buehler, and Marlissa "Marli" Ivers; and a Midwife Student, Ashley Rodriguez.  Together, we offer support to families before, during and after childbirth. Our role is to help facilitate safe, positive and empowering birthing experiences by offering the information, emotional support and physical support needed during this time.  

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Because of the training Midwives take in well-woman and hormonal health, and a passion to learn about it for our own bodies, Well-Woman / Well-Person visits are also a specialty.  Gentle paps, informative hormonal consultations, and solutions for women's health are well within the scope of my care.  Teen Sexual Health Counseling is particularly important and something all teens deserve to create safety in their bodies and their futures

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"I've never seen an OB hold a baby like that."



Ashley is a senior Midwifery Student, a mother of four children and a Navy wife.  Ashley found her calling serving families as a birth worker in 2012 when she was researching birth for herself during pregnancy.


While gaining her midwifery education and working as a student midwife, Ashley has supported families as a Childbirth and Postpartum Doula and a Placenta Encapsulation specialist. She has a Bachelor's in Complementary and Alternative Health and Medicine and has extensive knowledge regarding holistic care, exercise and nutrition, alternative health methods, herbs and natural medicines. 

Ashley supports all women and families through all birth choices. Ashley has experience in helping families through the different aspects of preparing for birth in a hospital, birthing center or at home.  Ashley delivered two of her children in a hospital and two in a birthing center. This makes her very well rounded and understanding of different birth journeys, even from one pregnancy to the next. She knows that each birth is different, but each deserves the most caring and up-to-date support.  


Ashley focuses on ensuring the positive involvement of birth partners. She knows the importance of partners being present in the birth experience for expecting person, baby and the partner.  Ashley strives to help couples and families grow closer through midwifery care.


Ashley’s top priority is making sure that you have a positive birth experience.  Ashley’s calming guidance, confident experience and open-mindedness will help you enter parenthood feeling supported, well-cared for and prepared for your role as a parent.  ​

Ashley’s greatest joy comes from loving and caring for her own family and helping others do the same. Working in the birth community is an absolute dream come true and work of love for Ashley. She feels absolutely honored and passionate about nurturing mothers, newborns and families.

Ashley loves fitness and health, softball, traveling, gardening and spending family with her family at their little slice of heaven in Ramona, CA.  They have a ranch style home with land and the family collectively cares for their large family garden, pigs, chickens, ducks and family dogs.

Prior to birth work, Ashley worked as a Paralegal for 10+ years. She now devotes her time to caring from homebirth families as a midwifery student.


Anyone who knows Ashley knows that she prides herself on keeping a tidy home, providing fresh and organic meals for her family, gentle-parenting her children and is a proud and dedicated military spouse.  


Ashley graciously and happily looks forward to working with you.  She truly takes pride in providing you with quality support during one of the most memorable times of your life.

THIS IS ASHLEY.  I picked this clip because this is so true to how she is in clinic.  She's easy, fun, super sweet, and really shares such valuable knowledge from being the mom of 4 and gestatin' and birthin' all of em. 

Marli and Ashley talk about what they love about working with one another...

Marli doing a newborn exam... so sweet...