Midwife means with woman



What’s important to you?  What’s important to a Midwife?



Vaginal birth

Empowering, beautiful, once- in- a - lifetime experience


Partner involvement and their empowerment

Vagina intact 

Baby’s experience

Respect for your unique choices


Breastfeeding success


Bonding for strength as a couple 


Known provider at birth

Known provider for life


In depth postpartum visits - covering breastfeeding, well baby, new mom 

Sleep - after you have your baby you aren’t woken up every hour for monitoring


Having other children there, possibly




1- Birth is as Safe as Life Gets

And… MIDWIVES DO IT BETTER. Here are the numbers.  


2-  Safety Is Job One

  • Medications to stop hemorrhage (excessive bleeding after baby is born)

  • Newborn resuscitation equipment and expertise (1 in 10 babies is born needing some amount of help breathing)

  • Fetal heart monitoring is performed throughout labor at standardized intervals

  • IVs, antibiotics, suturing equipment in case you tear

  • Herbs, homeopathy, hearts and hands to provide various degrees of getting things back on course

  • We transfer to the hospital when risk suggests we should (and we stay with you there)











3- The natural process of birth has many important features for babies, moms and new families that are disrupted or lost in hospital environments. 


  • Biome -  Baby’s Gut Biome colonization - unique bacteria available through vaginal birth

  • Bonding - Going through the trial of labor and succeeding in your birth in your own way bonds couples to one another

  • Hormones - the “love hormone” oxytocin bathes mom’s and baby’s brain, causing bonding, euphoria, and lowering the risk of postpartum depression and the chances of autism 


Why is our cesarean rate so low!?!  (and our vaginal birth rate so HIGH??!!!) 

Hospital: 1 in 3 women have a cesarean, surgical, “c-section” birth.  (1 in 3 !!!!) 

Community Birth: 1 in 20.  Why is this not making national headlines?


1 - Because Midwives HELP when things go a little off course - but not with medications, surgery and secret time restrictions.  We help by providing continuous, one-on-one care; monitoring baby in positions YOU are comfortable in; and being experts at fetal movement, getting baby to “come down,” and be born.  

You Should Know: Our Modern sedentary life has produced many consequences.  Babies “getting stuck” is one of them.  It’s not the SIZE of your baby, it’s the position of her body and head.  If your labor is not progressing, Birth Local Midwives will support you to cope and to get your baby moving so they can come on out! 

For Long labors - or for baby’s water bag breaking before labor starts - or for labor getting “stuck” -  Birth Local Midwives are Spinning Babies trained and practicing for many years.  It takes many position changes sometimes for you to help your baby rotate.  We help you find them so you can birth vaginally, at home. If you have an epidural in the hospital, you can't move very much, and it's more likely you'll have a cesarean for baby's "failure to descend." (That's a real thing.)



2 - Because We Know Women bond because we TALK, spend time, get LISTENED TO.  The way to most women's most private parts is through her BRAIN AND HEART.   During the extensive 45 minute prenatal care appointments you come to believe in YOUR MIDWIFE'S knowledge, skill and abilities to really be there for you.  Our outcomes are so good because you can actually rely on us and have faith in us  and we BOND.  You KNOW you’re not a number or a statistic with YOUR midwife.  This is tailored, woman - to - woman care.  This bonding means when we show up AT YOUR HOME for labor, you relax MORE. 


You take a big breath and say - my midwife is here! - and your body relaxes and eases more deeply into the incredible unfolding and work of labor.


3- Because you, the new mom and new parent, need reassurance about “is this really it?”   “Are we in labor?  Is this normal?”  Many many families go to the hospital way too early and are sent away.  They may even make several trips, being sent home again and again.  (Each time lowering their confidence in themselves and in their body’s hormonal buildup and in their sense that they know what they know.) 

Or women are not listened to when they say how they are feeling.  (just ask Serena Williams and Beyonce!) 

Or the new family gets there and are disappointed to know they’re only ___cm’s. 

The Medical Model's monopoly on birth in this country is a total racket, my friends. 

When you plan a home birth with this midwife, with Birth Local, I COME TO YOU, which means no car trips, no guessing, no being told condescendingly - “Well, you’re only 4cms.  It’s really not labor yet.”  I suspect that every nuance of HOW YOU ARE TREATED is important to you.  Sometimes you need a firm hand, someone to tell you - hey - you can do this.  And sometimes you need gentle nurturing and compassion.  “It’s ok, sweetie, I know it’s hard, you can do this.”  


This Midwife's talent is in recognizing what you need, using intuition and knowledge, medical skills and super human kindness to provide the most outstanding clinical care you will ever receive in your lifetime. 

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