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Teen Sexual Health Advocate

Teen Sexual Health Advocate

Offering Support

Teens have so many questions about their bodies: are my breasts normal?  Why do they hurt?  Is there anything I can do about it?  Is my acne related to my diet?  Does my vagina smell right?  What can I take for my cramps?  How far can I go without having "sex?" How do I tell my boyfriend or girlfriend how far I'll go and where I want to stop?

These and so many other questions can be answered by a gentle and informative professional midwife.  

Teenage Girl Visits Doctor's Office Suffering With Depression.jpg

We have time, sensitivity, and experience with the body that makes our care the perfect match for the individual privacy teens need to open up and feel safe with their care provider.  

"Teen" is the perfect time to begin to learn to care for our bodies and understand our needs and how important it is to take really self-caring care of ourselves.

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