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Well-Person & Insemination (Paps, chest exams and fertility)

Well-Person Visits 
(Paps, chest exams and fertility counseling)

Here for You

Midwife care is the perfect combination of professional information with feminine and sensitive care.  Feminine qualities of listening, intuition, connecting what you're saying you need with what your body is telling you, clinically - midwifery care is able to synthesize the many learnings of the midwife (herbs, homeopathy, hormones, cycle issues, etc) with what your needs are.  

If you've never tried care with a midwife - find out what a totally different universe of care we offer.  Basic OBGYN care just can't measure up.

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Well-Person & Insemination 
(Paps, chest exams and fertility)

  • IUI (intrauterine insemination)

  • ICI (intracervical insemination)

  • Comprehensive and kind

  • Paps

  • Well- Woman/ Well- Person

  • Hormonal Counseling 

  • Help resolving painful periods, irregular or excessive periods

  • Teen Reproductive Counseling and referrals to specialists

  • Pelvic floor referrals 

  • Incontinence

  • LGBTQIA Welcoming


"Kayti was our jam. She was so supportive in so many ways. My health was having a lot of issues. Kayti was there when I needed her and she was not only gentle, but understanding and super empathetic to my plight."

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