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Doctor Examining a Pregnant Woman

Complete Maternity Care

Prenatal, Birth, and Post-Partum Maternity Care

Informative and Compassionate

Prenatal Care

Tailored 45 minute appointments.  Unrushed, informative, grounding, kind, empathic.

You have so many questions in your pregnancy.  You want TIME for those questions to be answered.  You want to be nurtured, cared for.  

"What should I do when my water breaks?  Is it normal to pee this often?  Can my other kids be at my birth?  Should I take childbirth classes?  What do you think about yoga in pregnancy?" 


Trust.  You want to KNOW who will be at your birth.  You want to trust the person who will deliver your baby.  You want the hormones of labor (the love hormone, oxytocin, especially) to carry you through to a birth experience you and your partner absolutely LOVE.  You want look back at your pregnancy, birth, and new baby time, which are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and have memories that you love for a lifetime.  Because people REMEMBER how they were treated in their prenatal and birth experiences.  Women and men remember them deeply.  Becoming new parents is transformative. It's more important than your wedding.  It forms a new relationship between the partners.  It can be one of strength and mutual amazement with a birth that is all that YOU are capable of, unfettered by the limitations of the hospital. And this starts with building trust over the prenatal visits, understanding your own power and that of this midwife to do whatever it takes to help you achieve the best possible version of your prenatal birth and postpartum experience.  







"Kayti has the love of one's very own mother and the knowledge of our ancestors combine!" - Brittany 


Empowering.  You want a different kind of prenatal care.  You want a care provider who sees you as a powerful decision maker, giving YOU the most up to date, evidence-based options for lab testing, ultrasound, exercise, nutrition, new baby procedures - and YOU decide what is best for your family. You don't want a doctor (or a group of doctors) you barely know telling you what to do, scheduling ultrasounds you don't need, scheduling unnecessary induction of labor, and giving you restrictions based on a one-size-fits all approach.  They have to do it that way because they see thousands of people and work in a litigious mindset.  They cannot tailor their care and have all the cogs in the factory work.  So everyone gets the same care.  Even though in health care, we know that individualizing each person's care gets the best outcomes. 

At Birth Local, we help 2 to 4 families have their babies each month.  We are able to slow down, enjoy our visits, and make your pregnancy the special, cared-for time you and your partner deserve.  

Schedule a 15 minute chat now.  Discover why Community Midwives and Birth Local Midwifery have such incredible reviews, from people like you, who loved every minute of their prenatal, birth and postpartum care.  


Complete Maternity Care

Prenatal Care

Full Clinical & Extraordinary Care

  • from 6 weeks to delivery including labs, ultrasounds, genetic testing, baby monitoring

  • counseling, nutrition, education, doulas, partner prep, and more...

  • every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, then every 2 weeks from 28-36 weeks, then every week until you deliver



  • home birth

  • water birth

  • 2 midwives 

  • fully equipped & skilled

  • newborn care

  • partners supported and encouraged


  • breastfeeding​

  • newborn care

  • 3 visits in your home in the first week

  • new mom care

Extended Postpartum Care

  • visits available in- office every week from 2 weeks to 6 weeks​



"She patiently answered all of my husbands questions and made us both feel so at ease. During our intake appointment my husband brought up a health concern and she gave me tips that, by following, have forever changed my life."

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