Frequently Asked Questions

(What folks ask us all the time) 

What Are Your Practice Considerations for COVID? Can I have support people with me for my birth?

COVID 19 has required us to change our practices a little.  In our practice, we currently are doing the following: 

1- We do our prenatal and postpartum visits OUTSIDE in our lovely garden.  We sit 6ft apart, masks off.  Anytime we come close to one another, we put our masks on.  You are welcome to bring your partner, children, and 1 additional adult with you per visit.

2- For births, we require that everyone except the birthing person wear a mask throughout your labor and birth.  You may have your partner plus 2 support people. 

3- For any indoor visits together, all persons must wear masks. 

4- We ARE offering water birth. 

How many midwives are there in your practice?

Right now, we are 2 midwives and one student. Kayti and Marli, Licensed Midwives, take turns providing your prenatal care while Ashley, Student Midwife, attends 3-5 of your prenatal visits as well.  2 of the 3 of us will attend your birth.  You will know each of us well by the time you are having your baby. :) 

How Many Births Do You Take a Month?

We are currently averaging 4-6 births a month.  This means 1-2 births a week between the 2 midwives so this is very manageable. 

What kind of equipment and training do you bring to a birth? (How do you keep us safe?) 

We bring lifesaving equipment, training and resources with us to your home birth. All the things you would expect to find in a labor and delivery unit at a hospital or birth center - resuscitation equipment for baby, medications to stop excessive bleeding, suturing materials in case you tear - we bring it all TO YOU. 

If I had to be transferred to a hospital, what would be the process? Who would drive me? Which hospital would we transfer to? Would you go to the hospital with me? Would you stay with me through the birth?

10% of first time moms and 5% of moms who have had babies, statistically, will have to transfer from a planned home birth. In most cases, this is non-emergent, and for pain relief and rest.  Even for other medical conditions, such as meconium in the amniotic fluid, we usually take private vehicles.  Your partner will drive you.  If we need to move quickly and urgently, an ambulance call is made.  

Since COVID, support people IN HOSPITAL are limited and midwives are not allowed to continue direct support.  We stay available by phone to guide and support at a distance.

We transfer to whichever hospital makes sense based on your location and insurance.  San Diego hospitals are generally very inclusive and we have good relationships so we can transfer easily. 

Do you help with baby's position?  Do you know Spinning Babies?

YES!! We LOVE and are using Spinning Babies in our practice from the start of your care and throughout your birth as needed.  We highly value this technique for its ability to help babies turn and head on out!