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Water Birth

Many of our clients birth in the water.  You will follow your body and we will follow your lead.  If you want to labor in the water, give birth in the water, deliver your placenta in the water: Where you deliver is truly up to you.  

We loan you a tub from around 36 weeks (a big comfy inflatable tub) and you can get in once you're in active labor.  Some 1st time moms get out of the tub to birth - it just depends on where the right place is FOR YOU. 

  Births in the water are safe for babies and we attend them frequently.  We will help you and your partner prepare the supplies and space. 

Home Birth

We attend home births all around San Diego County.  Whether you live in an apartment or a mansion- your home is safe and comfortable and where your body is most likely to open and soften in the labor process. 

There are many statistics showing the safety of home birth.  For more statistics, you can see the Resources page of our site. 


Community Birth

Community birth refers to birth that occurs outside of a hospital setting—in homes and birth centers. The care that our midwives provide and the equipment and resources in both settings is similar. Birth outside of a hospital is for healthy, low-risk clients for whom we do not anticipate the need for medical intervention. Our midwives have unique training and experience to support the physiologic process of labor.

Surrounded by people you trust and in the privacy of an environment that is safe, familiar, and free of excess noise, light, and interruption, you will be free to trust your body to complete a process that is made to unfold without medical intervention.

After the birth, you will enjoy uninterrupted hours of skin to skin and bonding and the simple pleasures of a nourishing meal, a comfortable bed, and warm shower. Just during as your labor, your recovery will be free of unnecessary monitoring, and, instead, necessities such as rest, nutritious food, the support of loved ones, and close proximity to your baby will be supported.

While most birthing people who prepare for natural childbirth outside of the hospital go on to do so, some people will develop risks or desires during pregnancy or labor that make hospital birth more appropriate. In this case, while we do not have admitting privileges at area hospitals, we are able to help facilitate a safe transfer of care.


Similarly, if an urgent complication develops at home, such as a postpartum hemorrhage or a baby that requires assistance breathing after birth, the midwife is prepared with much of the same emergency medications and supplies that are found in the hospital. Nonetheless, the decision to undertake birth outside of the hospital setting comes with significant commitment and responsibility.

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