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About This Midwife and The Practice


Phyllis "Kayti" Buehler, LM 

Kayti (she/ her) specializes in intuitive, almost-coaching style care, paying attention to what it is YOU need to make body mind spirit optimum for birth and beyond.

Nurturing Care

With every womxn, partner, father, baby, grandparent or teen we serve, we feel empowerment and connection with what extraordinary care creates for people.   The experience of birth is intense and overwhelming, but also very very awesome, and we are ever-grateful to be there through the power of midwifery care to nurture and keep folks balanced throughout the process.  


This is a home birth midwifery practice of 1 Licensed Midwife, Phyllis "Kayti" Buehler, Licensed Midwife (California) and Certified Professional Midwife (a national certification). I offer support to families before, during and after childbirth. My role is to help facilitate safe, positive and empowering birthing experiences by offering the information, emotional support and physical support needed during this time.  


Because of the training Midwives take in well-woman and hormonal health, and a passion to learn about it for our own bodies, Well-Woman / Well-Person visits are also a specialty.  Gentle paps, informative hormonal consultations, and solutions for women's health are well within the scope of my care.  Teen Sexual Health Counseling is particularly important and something all teens deserve to create safety in their bodies and their futures.  

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The Practice

Visits take place in either North Park or Carlsbad, depending on your preference.  Visits are 45-90 minutes long and cover whatever is most important.  Nutrition, upcoming labs and ultrasounds, how to involve your partner in your birth, your children... whatever will contribute to you emotionally, physically and to your health as a pregnant person.

We offer all standard lab and ultrasound testing.  

Most of our client families never need to see an OB in their pregnancy, as we are licensed to provide complete maternity care to low-risk pregnant folks.

About Community Midwives


Safety & Care

See Midwives is an excellent resource on all things related to home and birth center birth with independent midwives.  You can find videos, statistics, and lots of infomation at info.seemidwives.com.

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How Many Midwives will come to my birth? 

As a solo midwife practice, I will attend your birth.  It is very reassuring to families to know that I will be there for them.  Being able to trust your care providers because you have gotten to know who they are, and who they will be is invaluable.  It allows your body to do the deeply sensitive and integrative work of "letting go" and having a baby.  The hormones of labor require your body and mind to feel safe.

I will invite a midwife I think will be a good fit for you and your family after we've had a chance to get to know each other a bit.  She will come to your 36 week home visit and to your birth when you are getting close to having your baby.  In the event of a long labor, she may come to give me some rest while i nap in your home.  In San Diego, every home and birth center birth is planned to be attended by at least 2 skilled providers, trained in Neonatal Resuscitation and ready to help in the event of birth urgencies or emergencies. 

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