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Lately SO many families are calling to inquire about midwifery care!  It's an exciting and busy time for midwives!  You need some very specific information to begin this journey.  Here are some practice basics you'll need to know to help you in your consideration of us, Kayti, Brielle and Amy, as potential midwifes for you and your family.

Birth Local Midwifery Practice Basics You Should Know

for more of the Frequently Asked Questions, please see my FAQ page. 


People often have similar questions so I put together a couple of ways for you to learn more about us, and get some of your questions answered.

Being a midwives for 11 years continues to be a wonderful job we love and feel so called to do. We truly love seeing a family get their start in this integral, supported, kind and loving way. And the babies are so SWEET TOOOO!!!!!

It's wonderful that you're looking into home birth and midwifery care. 

Before we meet, let's be sure we're a good match. We want you to get so much out of our time together.

  • Because of the systemic oppression and devaluation of women, mothers and midwives, Medi-Cal and TriCare are not viable options for most home birth practices as their reimbursement rates do not reflect the full value of Midwifery Care. Therefore, we cannot bill Medi-Cal or TriCare health plans. However, because of this, we reduce our Home Birth fee for clients with these health plans to $6900. If you cannot afford this fee over the course of a year's payment plan (with us), the best options in San Diego County are Best Start Birth Center, (Medi-cal and Tricare) Acorn Birth Center (in Fallbrook) or San Diego Midwife (Tricare only).

  • Birth Local offices are available in Mission Valley and Carlsbad. Our office/clinic days are currently Tuesdays 8am - 6pm in Mission Valley and Thursdays 830am - 6pm in Carlsbad. Evening appointments are popular and may not always be available.

  • Heck yes, You CAN have a WATER BIRTH if you would like one! We'll loan you the birth tub.

  • If you are a first time parent, We ask you to have a DOULA for your birth in addition to our midwifery services.  We will of course support your journey to choosing the best doula for your family in our visits together! For more on the difference between Doulas and Midwives, click here.

  • If this is you or your partner's first baby, you must attend Childbirth Classes. This is an important and integral step to being confident and prepared for your intended home birth. We can definitely talk about options in San Diego County and online. There are so many great options and I am an expert in helping you figure out which one is right for you. You'll take your classes between 20-36 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Travel Radius: We will travel up to 60 minutes from our Carlsbad location to your home for your birth and postpartum visits. If you need to check the distance (don't worry about traffic), you can use this address: 2604-B El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92008. ​

Home birth and prenatal and postpartum care with us is “1000% different from hospital birth, and doctor care” according to the moms we work with who’ve had both. If you haven’t already, here is a link to my Google Reviews so you can read what others have said.  

If you’re looking for more books, videos and other resources about home birth and midwifery here are some of my previous client’s favorites: 

Hopefully this is helpful!!! They’ve been favorites of so many of my families!

May you be blessed with your pregnancy and in becoming a parent. 

We're Looking forward to speaking with you!


Kayti, Brielle and Amy


If you'd like more information and would like to talk more about having us as your guide and midwives, please book a 15 minute consultation. We'll be happy to answer your questions and flesh it all out for you.  

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