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Home Birth in Carlsbad, Vista, Oceanside, San Marcos is the only non- hospital option

Remarkably, there is no birth center anywhere near North County San Diego. There used to be a birth center for us North County residents. Babies in Bloom was WONDERFUL and very welcoming to families from many backgrounds. They closed in 2021 and we lost a treasure. They accepted Tri-Care and many insurances and were such a loving place to build your family.

Since the birth center closed, though, home birth is the best option for you families wishing to have a natural birth or a home birth in North County San Diego with a midwife. There are a few midwives in North County to choose from. Obviously, this practice, Birth Local Midwifery, is one of them. I, Kayti, am a lovely midwife offering home birth and water birth. There's also Tatiana Koontz at Birth Waves Midwifery, there's Birth Matters Midwifery in Oceanside and Paula's Midwifery in Vista. If you go south a little further towards Encinitas, Andrea Meyer is an excellent midwife at Ocean Midwives, and San Diego Midwife in Encinitas is also lovely.

I loan you an inflatable tub to ease your labor sensations and offer a very loving hands on approach to midwifery care.

My office in North County is particularly sweet. If you'd like to book a time to talk, please book a 15 minute consult with me. :) I'd be happy to talk about having your family grow at home.

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